Setting Ambitious Goals for Myself

Hello folks,

I’ve been posting for a few months now when I have questions about lesson activities or projects. I began back in April-ish with a goal of earning the first two certificates. That was my entire goal. Then two weeks ago I decided I was going to commit to the 100 Days of Code challenge to become more consistent in my coding. Then last week I decided I wanted to commit more to my learning so I took a look at my schedule (I work full time) and set aside 20 - 26 hours per week for learning. Well this weekend I decided that I wanted to set clear goals for myself.

Maybe this is too ambitious, we’ll see. I’m taking some weeks off from work in the coming months and I’ll devote the hours I would normally be working to learning to program.

Here are my goals for the coming months/weeks (the date is the week of and the item after the colon is the section I hope to complete. * = cert complete):

8/30: Functional Programming
9/6: Intermediate Algorithm Scripting
9/13: JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects*
9/20: Bootstrap
9/27: Jquery
10/4: Sass, React, Redux, Reach & Redux
10/11: Front End Libraries Projects*
10/18: Data Visualization with D3
10/25: JSON APIs and Ajax
11/1: Data Visualization Projects*
11/8: Managing Packages with Npm
11/15: Basic Node and Express
11/22: MongoDB and Mogoose
11/29: APIs and Microservices Projects*
12/6: Quality Assurance and Testing with Chai
12/13: Advanced Node Express
12/20: Quality Assurance Projects*

Now there will be 2-3 weeks where I put in 40 hours/week and I am expecting the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects to possibly take more than a week so I might be overly ambitious there.

I’m not going to rush through just to finish. My primary goal is to have an understanding of how and why things work before I just move on.

This is the most ambitious goal I’ve set for myself since college and running a 5K. I wont be disappointed if I don’t finish until January, but this is my current plan to measure my progress.


@miles, this is a feasible plan. Good luck with your learning. :+1:

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You you can do it great! I took a few classes for entrepreneurship and was taught that setting goals is one for the best ways to set yourself up for success. Some successful millionaires succeeded simply by setting small goals.

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Keep going, I am sure you can do this :muscle:


I love your attitude. You inspire me to set goals for myself too!


Hey Miles,

looking forward to reading about your journey!

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