How many hours to complete a lesson?

Hello, I am trying find how much time is associated with a lesson. Java Scripting is 300 hours, but how many hours is each lesson? Writing goals and I need a quantitative relationship between lessons and number of hours to set targets. Can you help?

It varies widely. Some challenges are very quick and just introduce you to terminology. Other ones are tricky and may take you hours. Not only do the challenges vary, but every student is different in terms of what they pick up quickly and what they struggle with. The projects are the biggest part of the curriculum. It’s common for people to spend several days on them.

I suggest you set a time goal, instead of number of challenges. You and we can’t know how much time you will need to solve something before you try it, you could do it in 30 seconds or you may need 10+ hours
In the 300 hours you can include also use of Read-Search-Ask if you get stuck - googling can be a black-hole

Thank you both for the information.
I won’t be able to just specify a time goal as it is not measurable from a result perspective.
Do all lessons have challenges?
Are projects part of the lessons or in addition to?
Need to be able to say X number chapters or x number of lessons in a specific time frame. This time is in addition to working full time on a client project, so I need to careful to set reasonable/reachable goals.
There are 9 chapters for Java Scripting, the first chapter for Java Script has 107 lessons… it is going to be difficult to set the quantitative goal!
Appreciate the insight and any others are welcome!!

The lessons are called challenges here
At the end of a certification curriculum there are a few projects that you must complete before claiming the certificate (the projects are the only thing that is mandatory, everything else is just in preparation to that)

Can I suggest you focus on your output (time spent focused on going through the curriculum), it is measurable and you have full control on it. You don’t have full control on how much time you need to go through each challenge.

It’s like you say you want to read five chapters per day without considering that each chapter could be long anywhere from 1 page to 1000 and even more, but you know the length only when you finish the chapter.
You could say you want to read 30 minutes per day - much less variables there, and always doable.

If you want to complete always ten challenges per day, you may give up because it’s 5am and you are still stuck on the third of the day before…
Please, don’t.
And maybe ask for help at that point.

We are not saying you shouldn’t have a well defined goal, it’s just that maybe you are not considering the whole picture in trying to create a goal the way you are doing.

Thank you again, good ideas and information.
FYI - I am not setting the rule for how a goal is defined and measured, hence why I am trying to determine time needed for an overall chapter and for individual challenges. Understanding, this information doesn’t fit with the self paced model. I’ll have to keep thinking, or possibly try another course/certification that is more defined, although, this course looks quite good!