Bootstrap encouraged in Tribute page or is self CSS acceptable?

Hello, I was reviewing the video for the Tribute page and I noticed that Bootstrap seemed to be emphasized. Although I had light experience with HTML before and liked how CSS is created, Bootstrap didn’t appeal to me as much. Now I am a bit confused, should we use a mix of both Bootstrap and CSS, and if so how much should be Bootstrap? Or are we at liberty to do as much vanilla CSS as we want? Thank you for your time.

In the current curriculum… just meet all the use cases… but you can also do the bet of the new curriculum that has test cases and if you meet those, you meet the requirements of the project. I think it’s intended to be framework/library agnostic.

The judgement is left to you. I use pure.css instead of bootstrap, bootstrap is just what the course covers and an easy way for you to do your project, but as far as i know you don’t have to use it.

For me I did not dive into bootstrap before I really know how to use CSS and HTML.
I suggest you build your website without responsive design 1st. Don’t worry about it.
Just build a website of your choice. It’s better if you design it yourself.
Then you gonna find out all the errors that you have in your code, it happens to everyone.

After you made sure everything is correct, then you can worry about using bootstrap or flexbox to make your webpage looks right on different devices.

This page is gonna help you when it comes to basic HTML and CSS formatting.
I bought the book, but you don’t have to. If you are not sure of anything, check it here, I am pretty sure it has everything covered when it comes to build a webpage (For beginner like us.)