Can we use Bootstrap for Our Tribute Page?

Build a Tribute page is my first project on Freecodecamp . And I want to know that would i can use Bootstrap for this or Not? Did i have to do this project with simply HTML & CSS. Because some of our fellows use Bootstrap. so that’s why i want to make sure about it.

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As long as you satisfy the user stories you can use what you like. These projects are great places to practice bootstrap, grid and straight flexbox.

Yeah if we use Flexbox then our website is also almost fully responsive. So i will do it simply with HTML or CSS.

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Each project user stories contains note:

“Plain CSS is recommended because that is what the lessons have covered so far and you should get some practice with plain CSS. You can use Bootstrap or SASS if you choose. Additional technologies (just for example jQuery, React, Angular, or Vue) are not recommended for this project”

Your choice then. I was using just just css.
If you want to use Bootstrap, because you already know flexbox and grid - no one will stop you or tell you did wrong :slight_smile:

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A humble Thanks To you. Thanks you Again Man :smiley:

The original exercise (the example used is the same) encouraged you to use Bootstrap or any other framework and/or library. I am referring here to the curriculum right before the latest upgrade…

Since then there was a feeling that using something other than pure CSS when someone does not know CSS well can be more of an anchor than a pair of wings, so to speak…

But as with all the exercise, check the use cases. Also all the requirements to pass are in the testing which you can view when you run the tests. Anything there is ‘all’ that is required to pass the exercise.

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Thanks @DarrenfJ for your outstanding comment. Appreciated Man.

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