Brain hack question?

I was curios as to how others remeber / handle the transition between the different coding languages. I’m very new to this stuff and I feel as though I’m getting the lesson then some new code set is introduced and I feel lost. I assume that early on and even as you progress you just Google your questions but is there a better way or am I missing something? I also assume when creating your own designs you pick a path stick with that IE… hexadecimal colors vs standard colors. Also in the real work do coder use templates on a regular basis as a starting point?

Thanks for any feedback I was just curious.


I felt like that at first. I think the important thing is to keep going. The more you do, the easier it will become. The more you use a particular language/feature, the easier it is to remember.

I think the main thing that I have gotten better is looking up information; It now takes me less time to find things on google/mdn etc and because of this I can do more complicated projects using more and more languages/features.

Eventually, you will get to know what is the same in different languages (it is probably more that you think!) and then it just becomes a question of syntax, which is easy to look up when you now how.

I can’t say from real world experience, but I have been working through and have just started to add some templates so that I don’t have to start afresh for each mini project. The only thing that I am making sure of, is that I know what the templates do and how they do it, because it is easy to forget if you copy and paste into templates all the time.

Hope this helps and happy coding :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the advice