Brand new to Coding, Confused with Courses/expectations

I am 100% sure someone else has been in this situation, probably even wrote a request for help also. I searched and wasnt able to quite find this same thought that I am having.

Let me apologise first if this seems like a rant, I am just disappointed at the moment.

I finished the first curriculum. I get to the first project, and its like I opened up something I never even looked at before. The first curriculum is roughly 190 courses, with what feels like just Copy/Paste directions to move on to the next course. Then the project (tribute) asks you to use these User stories, that are phrased in ways that the courses didnt even phrase them as. Example : * User Story #4: Within the img-div element, I should see an img element with a corresponding id="image" .

The only time I ever even saw Div in the course was on course 25 " Nest Many Elements within a Single div Element". That course Just simply said, Div is used often. Then this project is like use div this and that and here and there, and the course gave me 0 idea how to properly use this code, and use it often.

That is just one example, but its the same with ID tagging, Image resizing, and such. The course just went over it 1 time, it had me just copy/paste the pre written code to a pre determined spot. Then tells me to create this project expecting me to fully understand how to…

Would it be more wise to just focuse on more courses before even attempting a project?

Again, sorry for the rant. Did this course for a full week, roughly 2-4 hours after work each day and a full Saturday, just to get to the project and be side swipped by statements that make only 2% sense.