I am confused! What should i do?

Hey guys! I hope u all are fine. I had joined freecodecamp 12 days ago and I worked 7 8 hours per day. I have reached the challenges of CSS flexbox of Web Design Certificate.I also watched some helpful tutorials about CSS and all the stuff. But i am confused whether i am able to apply correct CSS in code? I am very confused whether i should go ahead or review previous challenges. What should I do?
Please Help Me… :worried:

Hello @emanzulfiqar
First of all congratulations on starting this journey. I think you are confused about whether you should remind what you have learned or not. The good thing is you don’t need to remember the syntax as all that syntax is already available on the web. Every programmer uses google whether they are a beginner or an expert. The important thing is your understanding of different CSS concepts. As long as you understand the concepts, you will do fine. Knowing where to use things you have learned requires practice and a lot of patience. It will eventually come to you if you keep on practising. Keep on rolling through the freeCodeCamp challenges and understand how things work without worrying about remebering everything. You will get there eventually. Good luck!


Hi @emanzulfiqar!

The goal is to have a basic understanding not mastery of the topics.
So if you have achieved that then you can keep moving through the curriculum.

You will get plenty of practice to apply what you have learned in the projects.

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Hi @emanzulfiqar , I was almost on the same boat as you are, the past two months, I underwent 3 web dev bootcamps simultaneously to get started with web development… as important it is to study, also make sure to take a break to absorb the new information. 8 hours straight may be too overwhelming. Breakdown the topics into bite size pieces, and learn it slowly but surely… and as always, devote some time to practice the concepts you learned… Right now, I took a break to focus more on building projects to put my HTML, CSS and JS skills to practice… and the first time I did a project independently, it felt like I lost all the things I learned in the past months lmao, but its definitely helping me gain more confidence to start building webpages from scratch, it’s part of the learning process to go back and forth with the lessons, once you finished a challenge doesn’t mean it’s the end or you permanently close that chapter and automatically know how to do it perfectly, it takes patience and a lot of research… Just like what one of my instructors said, “one cannot become a good chef by just watching or reading about cooking but by doing it.” Hope this helps. :smiley:

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Thanks alot!for your answer
@Freak_A_tick So where should I practice? I have practiced a little bit on https://www.w3schools.com/ .

Thanks @jwilkins.oboe !for your replay :innocent:

Complete the fcc challenges, projects. Doing those projects is the best way to learn. You can also search google for beginner CSS projects to do . Rest of the stuff will come to you naturally, don’t worry.

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Thanks for your help.It’s mean alot to me.

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Yes you are right @beaofthenorth. Thanks for your motivation. it helped me alot. :relaxed:

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