Brand new to HTML - Windows 10 - Creating a HTML file / View HTML file on web browser/ Set up HTML file to make it work properly

Hello everyone, I am brand new to learning HTML. Before I even begin learning HTML I cant even figure out how to set up a HTML file with Windows 10. I have no idea what text editor to use and how to use it. I did watch the HTML build a website tutorial but i still cant figure out what to do. Any help of any kind would be much appreciated. Thank-you for your time.

I literally use Notepad for all of my codes but that’s because I’ve been doing this for over 15 years
I would recommend just going through FreeCodeCamp curriculum

Hello BoCode84. Thank-you very much for your help. Since you have alot of experience I have a question about Notepad. I am not familiar with technology at all. How does someone setup an HTML file to hold the coding? I was trying to follow a video and I clearly am doing it wrong. I was not even able to create a file in my file explorer and then open it Notepad to begin. How am I using Notepad wrong? I am completely lost just trying to set up a location for the coding using Notepad little lone the actual coding :slight_smile: I just want to begin with learning how to setup a HTML file on my computer.

Hi @davidmurraymccoy
We all have been there where we have started and had no idea what to do :slight_smile: There is never a dumb question, only learn from it.
See, Notepad is basically just writing and then what you need to do is you need to copy-past everything you wrote in Notepad into some editor.
Check this link for some editors that you can use where you will be able to see then what you have accomplished.

I hope this helps out. If you have any other questions, we are all here for you to help you out.

Thank-you so much BoCode84. That is exactly what I needed. I was sitting at home practicing and I was like if I learn to code thats great, but how do I set it up to work? If I cant even understand step 1 it defeats the purpose hahahaha. Thanks again, stay well. Cheers!

No problem, anytime.
Also, I would not start with some free website builders such as Wix, Wordpress or others because those guys give you some scripts that you will have no idea what they are.
You want to start from scratch and learn.
FCC has great tools and great stuff that you learn from. In the meantime, they have editor built within so when you type something in the code, it will show right away.

Thank-you very much for the advice. I wont be using any editor yet. I will just be sticking to the lessons here on FreeCodeCamp. I just started the HTML lesson and I will go through all lessons on FreedCodeCamp before I attempt anything.