The very first HTML creation

Hi fellow freecodecamp users,

I am about to create my very first HTML! As I do want to utilize things I have learnt here and incorporating it into building something I have in mind for the past few weeks.

However, I have not even once built HTML or anything outside of " " and therefore I would appreciate any help or guidance to show me how do I start on the route of building a HTML. Do i need to download a software to begin building a HTML file? Do all computers come with a software by default? I could use all of your help!!

Thank you in advance freecodecamp FAMS!

all you need is a text editor ( notepad or TextEdit ) and web browser such as google chrome

here the step by step

  1. open text editor
  2. write some HTML syntax and save as html file
  3. view HTML file in the browser
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Hi Liurm

Actually all you need to start coding with HTML is Notepad (installed with Windows) and a browser.
Just write your code in notepad, save it in html format (in save as >>> and write down the extension .html next to youe file name).
double click on the file after saving it and it should open in your default browser.
all you have to do now is just edit html file, save, go back to browser and refresh the page to see your modifications.

However, and for more sofisticated (yet simple) HTML editor, you could download and install (Notepad++)

Enjoy coding :slight_smile:


Hey Elukuro and Madridista, a huge thanks to both of you!

I have also downloaded the notepad++, think I can get used to it and lets begin coding :slight_smile:

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I strongly recommend Atom . It is easy enough to use manage your pages, content, assets, etc.