Bug in the curriculum ... thiss needs to be reported

How do i report bug’s in the curriculum i’m curently on Object Oriented Programming …
When the page loads and i hit the run test button it passes on every test

Can you tell us the challenge URL?

Also, can you post the code in the editor when you click Run Tests?

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You can also use the “preformatted text” tool in the editor (</>) to add backticks around text.

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its not a specific chalange … i passed the whole Basic Algorithm Scripting by just clicking Run the Test button … and i’m now on Object Oriented Programming and its the same thing i don’t know what it can be i tried to see if it happens some where else like CSS HTML curriculum and acts normal … seems like it just on JS … i don’t really know

Do you by any chance have any browser extensions enabled with access to freecodecamp.org? These can affect the tests

addbloker? did not have any issues before .

take one of the challenges, can you please show the code you have in the editor when this happens?

Could you also check the main curriculum page www.freecodecamp.org/learn ? It would help us to see if the challenges have been submitted successfully.

i opend one chalange that is not solved and this loaded up in the text editor.

Object Oriented Programming: Create a Method on an Object

let dog = {

name: “Spot”,

numLegs: 4,

sayLegs: function(){return "This dog has “+ dog.numLegs+ " legs.”}



its missing the :
// Change this line
// Change above this line
// Change below this line

my wild guess it loaded the solution automaticly …
i don’t expirience it on other parts…

Challenges can get saved in a browser’s local storage, but the only way I can think of that this could happen if is you shared a machine with someone else.

That is something we should fix, though!

i’m the only one who is going on this site … also i had another account under the same E-mail last year ago but i deleted it and made a account again…