Build a Periodic Table Database - issues with test for another element

Hi all,

I’ve completed all of the Build a Periodic Table challenge, and my program appears to work correctly. I’ve also completed all of the challenges, except for one: “If you run ./ script with another element as input, you should get the same output but with information associated with the given element.”

Where I’m confused is that, when I do choose another element in the database, the text does appear to generate correctly. For example, if I choose 8, O, or Oxygen, this is the output:

“The element with atomic number 8 is Oxygen (O). It’s a nonmetal, with a mass of 15.999 amu. Oxygen has a melting point of -218 celsius and a boiling point of -183 celsius.”

I’ve posted the table generation SQL dump and shell script in a GitHub repository here. Unfortunately, it’s not yet well-commented, as that’s something I tend to do after implementing one “block” of functionality. I’d appreciate any advice or assistance you might have. Thanks.

I realize now that the issue was that in my initial script, I was constraining the element symbol to one letter, and the FCC tests test for the presence of neon (symbol “Ne”). I have since fixed it and passed all tests!