Similar problem on Periodic Database of Relational Database Module

These tests:

  • If you run ./ 1, ./ H, or ./ Hydrogen, it should output The element with atomic number 1 is Hydrogen (H). It's a nonmetal, with a mass of 1.008 amu. Hydrogen has a melting point of -259.1 celsius and a boiling point of -252.9 celsius.

  • If you run ./ script with another element as input, you should get the same output but with information associated with the given element.

  • If the argument input to your script doesn’t exist as an atomic_number, symbol, or name in the database, the output should be I could not find that element in the database.

will not pass. The output looks identical to the statements above (even did a copy and paste of them, and updated the relevant variables), but the tests won’t pass).

Any help would be appreciated!