Build a periodic_table database project GIT

I made a mistake.
I was going to add commits to the main branch. I accidentally added a file: learn-periodic-table-database. vscode. Along with this file, there was also a sql file, in one commit. I wanted to undo it and typed: git rebase - interactive HEAD ~ 1.
Then I changed my pick to d and wrote it down. My periodic_table.sql has completely disappeared. Do I need to reset lesson now and start over?

Have you read about reflog?

I have an account on GitHub, but the repository isn’t there because it’s just a lesson I haven’t finished yet.

Using reflog can allow you to go back to what the repo was before the rebase.

Once you successfully undo the rebase, then you can research how to remove changes to files in a commit. This would allow you to remove the learn-periodic-table-database. vscode file from the commit without affecting the sql file.

I did according to the directions. The file has been successfully restored. Thank you very much!