Build a Periodic Table Database - CodeAlly seems to have lost all my work

I have done quite a lot of work on this project. I was in the middle of working when I got a message to the effect that the git add command couldn’t work because something was read-only. I tried to refresh but no joy. I decided to restart my computer but now when I go back into the project it seems to have lost everything, including the periodic_table database and the project folder is empty. Please advise - I don’t mind if I have to start again but that doesn’t even seem possible.

I was working on this project today and suddenly cannot connect to the server that has the database on it. My work is still there in the project folder, I just can’t do anything with it right now. Hopefully it will come back up, but I don’t know what happened. As a side note, I have taken to keeping copies of my work in a backup folder on my hard drive for this project, because damn, after correcting the database errors for the fourth time from scratch I had to try something else.

I went back into this project today and all is working fine again. My work was still there and so I was able to finish the project and submit it :slightly_smiling_face:

@ CarolMurphy - thank you for your suggestion. I was already doing that, having been burnt before, but I appreciate the suggestion nevertheless :slightly_smiling_face:

How did you save it locally??!! I’m redoing my project for the 3rd time and I’m beyond hostile!