Build a personal portfolio help!

I am lost here with a few things. I’m not sure how to get my buttons to work properly, my pageFour isn’t showing up, my page heights are inconsistent and my code seems messy and scattered. Someone please take a look and tell me what you think. Thanks

If you could be more specific, it would be a lot easy to help you.
As for the buttons you need to specify the url in the href attribute.

I think you should start with pen and paper first, then functionality then design, in not just this one but all your projects.

Draw your website using shapes on paper to represent content. This will help you structure your html better. e.g a shape could represent a header or a nav.

Remember to indent your code. Harder to read plus find faults.

Also be consistent with your naming conventions. I see class name “pageone” and then “pageOne”.
I also see mistakes in your css… font-size=1.7em; should be font-size:1.7em;

Plus you have a extra curly bracket line 29:

ok I see a lot more mistakes :slight_smile:
Uhmm… start fresh. The trick with css is to code a little, see if the change has taken affect then move on to the next design issue.
Maybe not use bootstrap as you need to master your css rules and syntax better.

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Yes, it definitely is a good idea to first sketch out a general overview of how you want your website to look so that when you sit down to code it, you have a guide of what you need to put where.

To clean up your code structure, in the HTML section, click on the arrow and look for a dropdown and click on "TidyHtml’ theres also one for the CSS section. That will make it easier to see what is wrong with your structure and what you need to fix. Under TidyHtml is Analyze HTML…that will show you all the glaring errors. If youre not sure what an error message means, look it up…but most of what I see on yours are missing punctuation and spelling mistakes, proof reading and being careful as you write will help solve a lot of your problems.

While I prefer the route of learning CSS to understand how Bootstrap works, its totally fine to use Bootstrap, just make sure you read the documentation so that you understand what a specific class is for and what you’re actually doing with it…

Really just a matter of…it looks like you’re shooting in the dark. You just need to turn the lights on :slight_smile: Start by sketching out your website with a rough idea of where your html elements are supposed to go, W3Schools is a great resource that can help you with that…keep it and the Bootstrap documentation on hand to look up something if you dont know what it means or how to achieve something you’re trying to do.

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Hello I have been stuck trying to fix this for days now please help…

See the header object that says clear view escapes please tell me why in the hell I cannot install this other svg to replace it?? hmmm I would upload it here yet it doesnt allow svg for some reason… ummmm…

heres a screen shot…
#1 The image seems the same size, AND it works together with all the icon sprites in one file… this part works programmatically it seems… yet the thing simply wont render in the block for some reason… Note now for some reason I cant get the Clear View Escapes to show up on local host:3000 I have difference checked my files up against the master files no luck, please help…

Im not sure…but if you start your own topic, someone may be able to help you.

Thanks I did that… its super complicated for me… After looking so many times Im actually learning NodeJS and NPM packages… Yet the sprites are killing me… mostly the creating svg’s part and somehow automating them… there are so many files for this site that I had to stop using brackets editor because it would break and get confused while firing up the site…