Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage: User Story# 7

Hi everyone,

I need your help. I 'm having difficulty passing the test for User Story #7 in the “Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage” challenge and I don’t know why.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Current Code:

  <nav id = "navbar">
    <a href = "#welcome-section">About</a>

  <section id = "welcome-section">
    <h1>Hi, I'm Justyn a Front-
End Web Developer. Welcome to my portfolio page!</h1>
  <section id = "projects">
    <h3 class = "project-tile">
      <a href = ""></a>

<footer id = "footer">&copy; JMDev 2020</footer>

There isn’t anything wrong your coding of the nav link to your welcome-section. The code is failing because you are testing the page a little too early. One of the requirements is the the link scrolls to a different section on the page and right now with only 3 lines of text there is nowhere to scroll.

If you add this <div style="padding: 500px;">Extra Space</div> above your section you and run the test you will see that it passes. Just keep working on your page and don’t worry about this error yet.