Build a Survey Form User Story#16

I have managed to pass all the User Stories but the #16 in the survey test and i dont know what i’m doing wrong
Please help !
Here’s the link for my codepen:

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You posted a url to the generic FCC blank codepen. Make sure to save the codepen first and then share the link to it.

Please put your code in Codepen… It will make life easier on all of us helping you.

You can just edit your original post to include the correct link.

I think that’s it:

Make sure to read all error messages associated with the user story (see below).

  1. Inside the form element, I am presented with a button with id=“submit” to submit all my inputs. AssertionError: Your button’s type attribute should have a value of “submit” : expected ‘button’ to equal ‘submit’

It is expecting a button element and not an input element with type=“button”.

Oh, i see. Thank you for the help.