Build a Technical Documentation Page:technical information

does the technical information have to actually be working useful information? or can i just fill it with nonsense?

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Considering that these projects make up a portfolio of sorts, I wouldn’t recommend making their contents be nonsense.

Maybe it wasn’t the best thing, but I made a technical document on how to use pizza. I wouldn’t advice lorem ipsum, but it may not need to be coding related. I never intended that for my portfolio though. If it was, I probably would have done it on a technical subject.

what WOULD you recommend? everything i think of i either don’t actually know about, or sounds stupid

Sounds like a good reason to do a bit of research on something relevant to the programming skills you’re trying to build. Why not do technical documentation on something JavaScript related that you’ve learned so far, but could benefit from understanding better?

You could narrow it down to something more specific, like flexbox or ES6. Or even more specific than that.

in short: everything in the docs