Building a SaaS

Hi all, I’ve been inspired by the micro SaaS / indie hacker movement and think it would be pretty cool to try and build one. Does anyone have advice on how much coding knowledge you should have before trying to attempt building a SaaS (or starting something like the 12 startups in 12 months challenge for example) - for example, would completing everything up to the quality assurance certification be a good start, and where should I go from there? Thank you!


Indie hacker sounds like a rock band…

I know nothing about coding or data science but I know what needs to happen in data science that actually merges with energy. I need to educate myself because I want to build a start up that changes the world. Sounds corny but I’ve been manifesting this for a year and now everywhere I go the name and the logo I’ve created comes to me with ease.

So, it’s in the universe.

So SaaS means start up? I thought it was a shoe brand. :thinking: I am so clueless to this but I want to build a company with someone I’m being guided to do this—-because it’s meant to change a generation of kids for the better. Once it catches on, nobody will ever be able to go back only go forward.

It takes faith and trust…and a little pixie dust.:slight_smile:

Thank you for listening.

Shoewear as Service? :slight_smile:

(Laughs) nyea! like SAS it’s a nurse shoe,

Is that what the SAS means? I did not know that.

If Def Leppard were a computer code id still think it was the band.

Some things that sound the same but don’t mean the same can be a mystery to me.

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Thank you very much. Apparently, “thank you so much” was rejected by the forum because my response was too short? I did not realize that was a clubhouse rule that all posts had to be over twenty characters?

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