Hello World {SaaS related}

Hey guys, I am new to the coding world. wasnt able to get enrolled in a university due to financial problem. I want to be able to develop an SaaS , like gain sound knowledge and experience. I heard about freecodecamp to learn for free, but i dont know which languages should i start from and more learning platforms for a beginner like me who teach for free? please guide me .

Ok, lesson #1

One of the most important things every respectful programmer needs to master is looking for information (i am not joking here, take me seriously).

It basically boils down to finding favourite search engine and writing questions there.

Asking right questions is tricky. They should be precise, that means you need to know what are you looking for.

Asking questions “how to learn coding” might not always give results you need.

Better approach is writing questions like “what programming laguages are good to learn as a begginner at DuckDuckGo”.

My advice: start with HTML, CSS, JS and Python if you want to get to work fast. Freecodecamp lessons, basically.
If you want to gain deeper knowledge, build a standalone application in C++ with networking options.

Best of luck.

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thankyou so much for taking the the time out to reply, really appreciated!

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