Building an APP with Javascript as a Noob


So I wonder… What type of APP would be a great idea to build,for me as a noob, in Javascript?

I want it to be fun and also developing for me as a coder. I want to upload the APP to GitHub, when I am finished, so I can show something that I have built myself to a potential employer.

Ideas and tips on good tutorial are much appreciated. Thanks

So, in my case because im still beginner i just following tutorial in youtube. Its so hard make an app from base. Or if you want to you can see the youtube title what they make and you make your own without they tutorial, if you stuck you can peek the tutorial.
That just my case, i hope can help you little bit.

I’d say this depends a lot on what your current skills are at. Its easy to say “go build X”, but if you aren’t even sure how to X works, then its a bad idea.

If you want to build an app to practice JavaScript, and how to use git+github to show it off, then what your building probably isn’t that important compared to that you learn something in the process.

I usually point to the common TODO app as a good starting point because you can scale up and down the requirements and overall its a trivial project in terms of scope (list of todos that can be added/removed/updates). It can be full-stack with all the bells and whistles, or just a simple front-end that saves stuff to localStorage.

Again, what kind of project depends more on what your current skills are at, there isn’t a 1 size fits all project, or a project where you go from 0 to hero.

Good luck, keep building!

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

My skills are not very high. So maybe just go and try the Todo app then on a basic level, right? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice