Business Value of the Foundational C# Certification with Microsoft

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First, I want to say thank you for bringing us this great opportunity to get a Certificate for C# together with Microsoft. I already gone through the first two modules, and I find the material on Microsoft Learn pretty good. I like the practical nature of the lessons. Since there are no official certificates for C# and .NET from Microsoft, I asked myself how much this certificate will be valued by a potential employer? I personally will finish this exam for sure, I only heard, that it might not getting enough value from employers.

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Just to leave this here. After having completed Module 3 - Add logic to C# console applications, I no longer care about if this certificate will once be validated by a potential employer. The practical way the topics were presented and the insight into the problem solving part of software development are worth the time for sure. It was challenging for me as a beginner but I am eager to continue with part 4 now and to write more C# code.

It depends on the role you want to apply for. This course is at a foundation level, which means it’s not for experienced engineers. When I interview an intermediate or senior engineer, I wouldn’t really care about this certificate. But if the candidate is a grad or junior dev, this certificate still has its value.
If you just started to learn coding, then it’s worth it. If you already have solid experience in .NET, and you are looking for a job, it might not be required.

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Hi there. Thank you for this information. I’m still in an early stage of learning to code and I think this baseline certificate could help finding an entry level spot once I am ready to get one. Good to hear, that it has some value at least for newbies. In any case I find it great, that freeCodeCamp and Microsoft gives us this opportunity at all.