C++ on Xcode Help

So I’m taking my first programming class and Im completely new to this. We’re using C++ and our prof told us to use Xcode if we were using Mac. Ive fiddled around with it and am just really struggling. I want to know if you can even use C++ on Xcode, if so where can I set a default language or something. I also want to know if I can just write basic code, I’m not trying to create an app which is almost all that I see in Xcode, as well as YouTube videos. Any help would be appreciated.

Update: My issue has been solved, thank you.
https://shareit.onl/ https://appvn.onl/

Yeah, you can use C++ on Xcode.

When you open Xcode click on Create a New Project -> make sure to click on the MacOS tab and then choose Command Line Tool -> then fill out the details for your file name etc. and then choose C++ from the drop down list in Language. -> Choose a location to create your file (I think Desktop is the default) and then that should be it! Just select the main.cpp file on the left of the screen to start writing your code.

Hope that helped!

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