C++ where to learn

so im trying to learn C++ but i can’t find a website that will teach me in a more hands on way yet there seems to not be any

website links are one of the best way to help me out

like per say it teaches me some thing and then i do it

@babbeth I can help you learn c++

There is no single source for learning, but I recommend that you use Lazy Foo tutorial to link the SDL2 library, then you can do visual stuff that you can actually see.

What operating system are you using?

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I’m just using a crhomeOS lap top for coding so its not much

I don’t know about c++ on chromeOS I only know how to set it up in Linux or Windows. You should search online for installing gcc on chromeOS. GCC is the GNU C++ compiler which is standard across Linux. There will be a way to install this, you can read other people’s experiences online.

ChromeOS is a linux just so you know

I call it a Google system not a Linux system, but that’s just me :wink:

Remember, if you have problems getting c++ to work, you can always try Python and install packages such as PyGame via “pip”. For the average home programmer there’s not really any advantage of using c++ over Python. It’s really good for complex 3D games made by big studios but don’t think you have to use it just because it’s “old school” and an industry standard for some companies.

so python can make games because thats what im aiming for

I wouldn’t choose Python for game development myself, but it looks like its possible to do:

what?! but yeah im on you side i don’t realy want to use python for making a game
and i don’t think that you would be able to do as much with python as C++ because there is so much more with C++,C and, C#

Python and JavaScript are pretty good learning languages. I would suggest you pick the language based on that and not if the language is good for game development. After you have learned the basics of programming you can switch to a different language.

I personally would not suggest learning programming using C++, maybe C# as it also will let you use and learn Unity in conjunction which might be a productive way of learning both programming, a language, and a game engine.

Python is good for games, just use “pip” in the command line to install PyGame. I dislike the PyGame website because of dead links and stuff, but that’s just the website, the PyGame package itself is good.

PyGame is just a Python “wrapper” for libSDL. Basically, libSDL for Python. If you ever tried c++ for games then you would be using libSDL, so it’s pretty much the same thing, but with a different language. In c++ it’s just more annoying to link libSDL to your program :roll_eyes:

Python is a better place to start because you don’t have to deal with c++ pointers. For example, if you use c++ with libSDL then you load your bitmaps or PNG file into RAM and access it with a pointer. So you have these weird characters in your code like * for reference and & for a pointer to memory (if I recall properly!)

Python simplifies things but it’s not without its own problems. Years ago I tried doing stuff with lists in Python by creating lists like this at the start of my file:

list1 = list2 = list3 =

But this is really dumb and broke my program somehow, so be certain that you’re using the right technique. It’s easy to get it wrong. I think I get a lot of stuff wrong that’s why I never get anything done lol. Oh yeah and stress about money and where to cook when I live in a house that has too many tenants and only one kitchen :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Edit: if you’re ever going to use c++ look up how to make a teapot with OpenGL, but this is pretty advanced stuff compared to 2D. It quickly goes into more advanced concepts like shade and lighting.

Edit2: if you ever want to link 2D graphics into a c++ project then use the Lazy Foo tutorial, which I mentioned earlier, but didn’t link to…

Lazy Foo’ Productions - Hello SDL

so i need to learn how to walk before i can run, yes?

It all depends upon end goals.

Python and JavaScript are good languages to start learning with. You could also start learning with a language that is commonly used for the sort of programming you want to get a job doing. At the end of the day, the most important thing to do is to start learning.

You could start here, with freeCodeCamp,
I had trouble learning code at first, was only after settling on a path that I managed to stick at it and am now making progress.

The way I think, is very different to how I used to.
It feels much easier to learn now than it once did, I believe the HTML course on here was the reason for that :slight_smile:

However if your someone who likes to ‘play’ with code and have some kind of visuals,
(like me :slight_smile: )
I would also suggest looking at the processing foundation:
Processing Foundation

It looks like they also do python but I’ve not tried it.

I’ve played around with ‘processing’, based on Java language,
uses a built in library and a downloaded editor

Right now I’m using ‘P5.js’, based on JavaScript language,
uses a library with a browser editor (no download needed)

I’m currently doing P5.js and the freeCodeCamp JavaScript course alongside each other, tho they are slightly different.

processing foundation tutorial links:
video tutorial
The Coding Train - YouTube

online tutorials
Tutorials - Happy Coding

If your only learning for your own entertainment, and just want to try making a game, you might enjoy:
Scratch - a visual scripting language
Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share (mit.edu)

Its very common for schools to use Scratch as an introduction,
then go onto teaching Python
(it may look childish, but is very quick to test things out in)

yeah well you and me are in the same boat fun
ps thank you my friend this will help me and i think that i will start learning py. alot faster than i would be able to befor so once agen thank you for your help

just so you know you have to instal the python part of the web site

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Remember, besides these websites, it’s also valuable to practice coding on your own by working on small projects or solving coding challenges. The more you apply what you learn, the better you’ll become. Good luck with your C++ learning journey!

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