Help with C++ please

I want to create software, games, simulations and VR related tech. I know that all of that requires great math and physics, but I was wondering if someone who has experience with C++ can lend me advice. Besides going to a college/university, what would be the best way to go about getting the best out of C++ learning?

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That’ll keep ya busy for a couple years lol.

Theres a ton of game-making courses on Udemy for cheap too. I suggest trying some of those. C++ is great for making games because it is fast and you have more control over stuff. I used to program C++ years ago.


@TheOnlyRealTodd Thank you. Hopefully I can work on a triple A game one day, and I hate math lol. Thank you again for your reponse!

I only know about the gaming part. If you want to create games using C++, then you have to learn how to use UNREAL Engine. Luckily there’s a course related to that on Udemy, The Unreal Engine Developer Course There’s also a course on Unity Engine by the same instructor but Unity requires C# (but the course covers that). Hope that’s useful :slight_smile:


It is nice to see that there are people like you! Personally I had a similar dream. I wonder why I had given up on it and started playing around with other languages…

I think that before getting into games, you should learn base things of C++. And that is quite a list! (Well, I am talking about standard library now, nothing fancier than that)
If you want something really fast, but somehow complicated, check this out:
If you want something a little bit more peaceful and less relying on google:

Sorry, but apart from that I can’t really comment on the next steps you should take as I am still at the very beginning (actually @TheOnlyRealTodd’s recommendation sounds like a quite decent way to start as well).

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Math can be pretty fun once you start using it for real world problems. I think it’s pretty similar to solving algorithmic or design problems, if only a bit abstract. If you’re going to be making games, I’d say: give math another chance.

I’d recommend trying out unity (which uses C#, which is pretty similar to C++ and Java in terms of syntax) first, because it gives you a framework and an engine to work with, and you can get a running start on the coding.

If you’re a student at a college or high school, github provides an education pack ( which gives free access to Unreal engine, which is fantastic as well. Good luck!

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Check out there are a ton of classes on pretty much everything and most are free

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If you have little experience with C++, “Ivor Horton Beginning C++” is a good start.

I don’t know a lot about games, but I started down that path years ago until I got busy elsewhere. Coursera has several free classes offered by Michigan State using Unity. Unity is a game engine that does a lot of the world physics for you. If you want to create the engine yourself, or more realistically a scaled down game engine, you need to learn math and physics. Coursera and EdX have some courses on physics and linear algebra. You will need to learn matrix algebra. Also look up Udacity. You can go through their course material for free, and I’m pretty sure they have math and physics courses that would be useful.

A university is still the best choice unless you are autodidact. Many universities even offer Master degrees in simulation which could probably land you making simulation software for airlines or for the military.

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Wow. Thank you for all the replies! I will make sure to take in consideration all of it