C programming textbook


What would be the best textbook to learn C programming comprehensively???. Not looking for a dry tome full of technical references. Something modern and interactive would do.


I like the Dietel and Dietel books. The newest edition is always hella expensive because it’s a textbook, but it’s not like C is changing, so grab an older edition for less than $20.


I would like to suggest you some best books and authors to learn C++ for beginners:
1.The C Programming Language is written by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie.
2.C: The Complete Reference is written by Herbert Schildt.


C++ is an almost entirely different language from C. In fact C++ gets a lot easier to use if you dump the C part and use the modern constructs that C++ provide.
Like using
(for auto& x: tmp) {

} instead of for(int i=0; i< tmp.length; i++) { … }


I have no idea why this is being discussed in a site dedicated to web development.
If you intend to study C hoping to get better at Javascript, that’s a bad idea.
I did a lot of C programming in the past, then it took me years to transition to object orientation, inheritance, closures, lambdas, generics, etc
If this is a diploma requirement, I’d suggest you study just enough to pass the tests, then move on (unless you aim to become a kernel-mode/systems programmer, but that’s totally off-topic for this medium)


Have you looked at Head First C?


It is for a diploma. And it’s not exactly off topic the header for the forum says ask anything. I just needed help from my fellow campers


Head First C is my recommendation, try before you buy though. Not all people appreciate the tone in those series of books.


We’re a pretty diverse group here, and there are several forum members who have experience in a variety of programming languages.