What do you think of Bjarne Stroustrup's book for learning c++?

i already learned C and JAVA , and C++ is the next language in my list do you think the Bjarne Stroustrup book The C++Programming Language (btw he’s the creator of c++) is a good choice ? and what do you think of learning new languages via books is worth it even if it takes too much time? thank you.

I haven’t gone through either in their entirety, but I like C++ for Programmers by Deitel and Deitel better.

TCPL is an outright Bible of C++, and definitely belongs on your bookshelf, but it’s more of a reference book than a tutorial. I don’t know which C++ book is best for learning, but make sure you get one that covers at least C++14; C++17 would be even better. Standard programming idioms in C++ have changed a lot in the last 10 years.

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My favorite book for learning C++ and then keeping up with the language is C++ Primer by Stanley Lippman. I also keep a copy of TCPL for reference.