Can a 18 year old get a job after finishing FCC?

Hey guys. I have studied C++ for two years in high school and completed Automate the Boring Stuff with Python and I am currently doing the Practical Hacking course from Udemy. I wanted to learn further and get a job early and I learnt that the best place to get started for a job is from FCC. The thing is I like to build application than creating webpages, so I wanted to focus on Python than JavaScript. And I know Python will be coming to FCC only next month but I’ll be going off college probably after 3-4 months so I don’t think I’ll get the time to learn properly. Should I study JS now or wait till Python releases? Is there any alternative like FCC for Python which will help me get a job? Will a 18 year old like me get a job after completing FCC?

It’s always easier to get a degree the more credentials and degrees you have. If you can afford to go to college, I always recommend it.

FCC will help with the skills for Web Dev jobs. You can always start with the JavaScript lessons and switch over to Python when that comes along.

I’d recommend to start applying for jobs now and see if any employers show any interest based on your current experiences and willingness to learn. If you don’t get any bites with what you know now it may take quite a bit more learning on FCC and elsewhere before employers want to take a risk on a young or inexperienced hire.

A Computer Science degree would open a lot of doors. A lot of people debate about the value versus costs of college, but overall I think the majority would still recommend college (especially for a young person), if that’s a viable option.

I’ve seen many companies offer tuition reimbursement. Maybe you could look for one of those jobs and start as an intern while going to school?

Best wishes in whatever you decide.

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