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i don’t want to use codepen to complete responsive web design projects i want to do it with VS Code can anyone help how to do it ?

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You can absolutely use VSCode to develop your pages locally. Be sure to include the test suite link (the <script> tag) within your HTML file.

Also note that you will need to submit a link to the live project - since you are working locally, you will need to host your page somewhere. GitHub Pages is an excellent, and free, option.

so i complete my code by adding
in VS code then deploy my project to github and then provide link Right ?

Hi, VS code is good I m using that. For 2 months I learning code s in VS code editor. u can use brackets code editor also which is also good.

Correct! Be sure that you include the test suite and that all tests are passing.

And remember that the link must be to a live version, not the code in the GitHub repository :slight_smile: