Can we submit projects that "Fail tests"?

Hi, all. This is just a general question about submitting projects.

There have been a few times where the FCC unit tests fail, even though they should be working. An example is the drum machine’s sixth test. The test states:

6. When I press the trigger key associated with each .drum-pad, the audio clip contained in its child element should be triggered (e.g. pressing the Q key should trigger the drum pad which contains the string “Q”, pressing the W key should trigger the drum pad which contains the string “W”, etc.).

I have verified several times manually that pressing this Q button, or pressing the Q key, triggers the audio in its child element. As do the rest of the buttons. The error given is just “Script error. (:0)” and seems to be a failing on the FCC testing script, not necessarily my app.

In a similar case where I can verify that the User Stories for my app are working properly and have been manually tested multiple times, is it OK to submit a project that has failed tests?

Sure. For now, projects are on the honor system.

Thank you!! This clears up a ton of anxiety I had, hehe. Thanks for all your hard work on the FCC project, this community has been very helpful to me :heart:!

Hello! Is this guidance still valid? Im having similar problems where my code fails a singular test, but passes outside the repl link when I manually re-create the test conditions.

you can open your own thread, post your project link there and ask for help, in this way people can see your code and see if there is some issue

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