Html projects testing

I completed my first project tribute page , I submitted the link and I passed
I moved to next test and submitted the same link to check how the error will be shown but it just passed me and same with every HTML project .
Why its not checking for incomplete projects ?
Its not even checking for incorrect links :face_with_head_bandage:

The link you submit should be for a live website that includes the test script with all tests for that project passing.

The submit page does not run the tests, but the FCC team may audit your projects at a later date and will expect to see the test script with all tests passing.

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ok sure, But it would be great if the projects are checked first in my opinion.
should I create an issue ?

that’s the expected behaviour, you need to use the provided test suite to test your projects

at this time there is not a way to test a project on an other website
that doesn’t mean that there will not be in the future, it’s just not something so easy to implement

maybe it will change in the future, but at this time you need to submit your project with the test suite included and all tests passing

you can certainly open a github (or search for one on the topic, probably there is) issue if you want, I don’t think you will receive a different answer

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