Can we submit WIP and live projects on here?

While I’m going through the FCC certs (currently the Responsive Web Design), I figured I wanted to make something that was actually relevant and to be used. Since I’m technically in an unpaid internship, I wondered if I could work on those web pages that are to be live, while making sure they meet the requirements for the projects. Could I still post those for feedback ?

Hey @noa.wright!

For the projects you will have to submit the project including the test suite which will show up at the top left corner of the window. So if you were planning on submitting a work page then the test suite wouldn’t be a good look. Also most people use either codepen or github to post their projects so I would check with your bosses if they want their code to be public or not.

If you just wanted to post a link to a url of a completed project and ask for feedback that is fine.

Hope that helps!

If you are talking about actual live web pages being made for the organisation you are working for, I would strongly advise that you do not do that. The FCC projects are small self-contained tests of your knowledge. If you are doing work for someone, it’s not normally a good idea to use it for your own personal ends: that’s unprofessional and could cause you serious problems at work.

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