Can you be a successful front-end web developer without good design skills?

I really have a hard time when it comes to design. Is design really a big must have skills in web development especially in front-end. Or should i focus more on back-end and other fields? How can i be a succesfull web developer without good design skills?

You don’t have to design it yourself. Some front-end developers design and develop, but a lot of front-end developers are given a .psd/.pdf design and make it work in html/css/javascript.

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@IsaacAbrahamson Thanks for the info. But the hard part is finding a designer, I love web development. but i hate the designing part. Its takes a lot of time for me and finding a designer is a hassle specially if it is just for portfolio. Nevertheless i should suck it up and learn. :slight_smile:

It is my understanding that if you were to begin freelancing or to find a long-term position at an organization/company, clients would typically have a preconceived idea of what they want the website to look like and might provide you with some .psd/.pdf with the layout and color scheme already provided. All you would have to do is convert that into the actual code.