Freelance front-end developer with no design talent

I’m aware that a front-end developer can have a good carreer without design skills, but i guess that would only be possible if you work at a company with a team were there is a designer.
Being a freelace seems to me very difficult or even impossible, specially when you begin.
I would love to have some thoughts about this.


Disclaimer: My job has never been primarily front-end. I just muddle through it when I need to. So this advice may not be the greatest.

There are a number of things you can try:

  1. Keep the design simple, functional, and minimalist.
  2. Get the client to clearly describe the design they want. Basically, let the client be the designer.
  3. Subcontract some design work
  4. Acquire a number of decent images, layouts, templates, and color schemes that you can modify as needed. Guide the client toward one of these “happy paths”.
  5. Read up about design and grow your skill in that area over time.

You might also want to think about back-end skills. As a freelancer you might have to wear more than one hat to complete a project.


@davidmarccram Thank you very very much for your advise. I’ll reflect ov everything you said, its a very good help. Thanks again!