Can you help me get my FCC link

How can I get my freecodecamp (FCC) link. I would like to had it to my Portfolio page.
Thank you very much.

what freecodecamp link? can you explain what you mean?

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You mean the page showing your FCC progress and certifications? That would be this:

If you mean your profile on the forums, this: Profile - Oluyemi - The freeCodeCamp Forum

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@snowmonkey wow! Thank you so much.
I get much inspired been on this platform

Thanks alot. I met what @snowmonkey is saying

Can one have FCC link showing the challenge one have pass?

it depends on what you have public, if you have the timeline public, it will show when you have completed the challenges
also it shows which certificates you have, and from there the projects you did for the certificates

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Thank you.

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