Why link on my freeCodeCamp portfolio in Linkedin

Why link on my freeCodeCamp portfolio in Linkedin doesn’t show my portfolic on freeCodeCamp? It’s just empty page for a newby.

I dont think too many people would link to an empty page or portfolio. I cant imagine that a newbie who hasnt done any projects and has nothing in their portfolio is on linkedin applying for jobs.

On my linkedIn, I have FCC listed under education, along with the certificates I completed and a FCC link for the certificate. I didnt link my portfolio to LinkedIn until I had a few projects in there and got it and my github repos ready for potential hiring managers to see it.

You are right.

But link on my bio freeCodeCamp doesn’t work in any cases. When I’ll do some projects, do you think the situation will change?

Your profile shouldnt be blank…even if you dont have any certificates yet, it should have a github style heat map of how often/how many challenges you’ve done, and list of all the challenges you’ve completed. I tried bringing up your profile, but its not under the name you use here in the form…mind sharing it?