Profile request

Hi. One of my supervisors has asked me for my profile. I do not know how to find or create this. Help, please.

your freecodecamp profile? or something else?

freecodecamp profile

go to, if necessary log in, click on “view my portfolio”, you can give the link to that page

if it’s not public you need to go to “Update my account settings” and make your protfolio public

Thanks for your help.

After I clicked on ‘View my portfolio’, I got a long link beginning with ‘@’. I put this in a browser & got stuck.

try again, that doesn’t seem a correct link
your profile link is<your_username>
if it doesn’t resemble that, try again, you have the wrong link


Thanks for yours.

I’m lost.

When I clk on the link in your last email, I get a pg that has ‘Learn to code at home’ at the top. The 7th line says : ‘Get started (it’s free).

When I clk on ‘get started ‘etc, I get a pg with ‘View my portfolio’. When I clk on that, I get a pg with

When I put all that into a browser, I get a pg that says ‘sign in’.

When | click on that, I get a sign in to M/Soft pg.

When I put in my email address, I’m told my email address does not exist – even tho I know it does.




When you click on View my portfolio, you are taken to your portfolio.
You need to use the URL in the address bar to show others your freeCodeCamp portfolio.

As @ilenia said, this url will be of the form:<your_username>

It appears that your current username on the is


but you can change that by clicking on Update my account settings on your profile page.

Thanks for your help. I’ve just tried it your way.