Personal Portfolio Webpage link project

What does it mean by this? Does it need to be something i made or can it be anything?
Like, can i use one of the example projects provided in the example site?

Right now i am assuming it wants something that i made, which lead me down git/github rabbit hole, and this early into learning coding, this is a massive turn-off, as git is a whole new can of worms that i am entirely unprepared to face.

I cannot make heads or tails of git and github. Spent 6+ hours sitting through tutorials and reading about it already and all it did for me thus far is increase my confusion and frustration.

Your portfolio should have a link with an id of profile-link, which opens your GitHub or freeCodeCamp profile in a new tab

If you do not have a GitHub account, you can create a link that leads to your freeCodeCamp user profile Dashboard. :point_down:

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Thanks. In the end, i decided to make a github account and learn how to host some of my freecodecamp projects on there. I hope that’s okay, at any rate.

Would need to learn git and github sooner or later anyway.


Awesome, and happy coding! :100:

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