Can you tell me if my weather app is working for you?

I just finished the Show the Local Weather project and I would like to know if it works in your browser. If it does not work please let me know what kind of error message you get in the console. Thanks!!!

The link to the project is:

Thanks in advance for your time.

Works here on Firefox :+1:

If I may add, put units on the pressure and humidity values.

Thanks. I just added the pressure and humidity values. :v:

Works for me!

Maybe a little exaggeration for 34 farenheit. :wink:


Working in Chicago! Nice job.

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Not working for me. No input space for conversion, and no, “Your city might have a temperature like this!” temperature.

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Thanks for your comment. Can you please tell me what browser version are you using? And it will be very helpful to know what kind of message you are getting in the console. Thanks in advance.

58 pm

Works for me :+1:

Sorta works but doesn’t work on mobile at all.