Cannot access beta user account


I have been using the beta freeCodeCamp site since May 7, 2018 and had been progressing through the challenges and projects. Last week, I was unable to sign-in to my account and only received an error flash message each time I tried (similar to this post). I was out-of-town for the weekend and tried to sign into my account this week, and the code sent to my email worked and I was able to sign-in, however it created an entirely new account for me which has none of my previously completed progress. My username, challenges, algorithms and projects are all linked to my original user account and I am unsure of how to access that account properly to continue using freeCodeCamp. Any assistance would be appreciated.

My original beta account is under the username: noctearmy

Thank you,
Bradley Burrows

I believe that the previous database used for beta testing is gone. Iā€™m not sure if this is because they are testing changes to account management or if it is part of a preparation to finally go from beta testing to release.

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