Cannot Complete "Submit Button"

The submit button project may be glitched? All of the criteria was met with the exception of inserting the button itself into the code. This seems like a contradiction to me. I have attached a picture regarding my situation. I have clicked on “test code” several times, restarted my browser and even checked forums for solutions to “button element not resulting in a button”. I know you guys are very busy and probably run into several users who complain only to find out it’s a code error. I really hope this is not one of those situations though and hope that I can move past this obstacle.

Read the instructions carefully:

You form should have the submit button inside it.

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Coming back to the issue months later I took one look at it and already new the issue. Thanks Jackson Bates for the help. I don’t remember exactly how I got past it back then, and I just found out where to find “alerts”, but your efforts may have assisted others that viewed this and shown them how such a simple mistake as no adding the button within the actual form can cause headaches. It’s at times like this, a user should take a 10 min break or use the rubber ducky method.