Cannot login error

I go to the link sign to save and I click continue with email and nothing happens at al. Its just stuck.

Do anyone know why I cannot click on anything here? Anyone have a resolution?

Maybe try clearing the freecodecamp cookies and retrying?


I do not know if I understand your problem.
Normally you receive a code at your E-Mail that you have to have to enter . After that you will be allowed to use FCC. That is what I do all time after every logout.

I faced the same problem once. Try changing your browser, if you are using Chrome, then try opening it in IE or Mozilla. Hope this helps.

Once you restart your pc, the problem should be sorted too.

Hey, this is before I get the code to my email.

If it’s just the Freecodecamp’s browser that’s stuck, try clearing the cookies (located in search bar top left padlock and cookies, and remove everything). I have done this before on a website that was stuck and it works.

Ok, thank you. I will do that