Cannot login into my old account

So i was completing my javascript yesterday night and wanted to check my progress so i opened two free code camp
pages by mistake and got logged out no big issues. Then when i tried to login it gave me a new account i was confused because i could still see my profile from my phone in which i was logged in. So i started reading the forum and tried clearing all the cookies delete this account and other things i even deleted the all the privacy badger and ublock extensions which might hinder with login . Duplicate account but nothing happened i tried logging by every method (google,github,email) because i created my account from one of the 3 sources which i remember . I have a lot of progress on that account . I have completed all of htmls and css and 3/4 of javascript curriculum . As i mentioned i tried github and google and it crrated me new account which was blank my profile is khush-ramdev maybe you guys can also see that .i tried email but i think i have to wait for a week or two because team has other work to do . So anyone can help me get a quick soln . I also got logged out of my phone for some reason but my profile is still there

are you sure you are using still the same email address? if you change email address, it will create a new account (if you use a third-party log in, it will check the email linked to that account)

If you are sure you are still using the same email address and you are unable to log in it may be that you have a duplicated account. To solve this issue you will need to write to

You can read more about the issue here

I am 100% sure i am using the same account and because my github was linked to the FCC account having the same email

Did you change the email address associated with your GitHub?

No i didnt change my email linked to github. I even check both have the same email. I can confirm this because i get freecodecamp weekly emails about articles