Cannot use FreeCodeCamp with Ubuntu

I feel silly but I cannot get this resolved. I am used to working with windows but I am now trying to use Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS. I can open up FCC webpages, I can see the curriculum but when I go into any lesson at all the entire page is blank. Also, I am logged in but I cannot see my icon which I can in the forum and when I hover over it I see my name, Karin Meersman. (In Github I am Mientje by the way, also on the forum, I know, why the complication? can’t change that anymore). In FCC I see vertical barres instead of an icon and they do no move, nothing else. I am also having issues authorising codepen to use my github name and I suspect these problems are linked. I guess I should update but this is my husband’s pc so before I do anything irreversible, is there something I’ve overlooked? Thank you.

Since you’re on Ubuntu, I’m guessing that you’re using Firefox? Are you running the latest version? Are there any browser extensions added which might be blocking FCC’s use of the browser’s local storage?

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Only chromium was installed.
I coud install firefox without invoking my hubbie’s wrath and I am very happy now. Thank you and greets,