Can't log in/ different web-site/ more lesson? confused?

I guys i am totally confused. today i open my laptop to start my first project and i could not log in my account. when i did , the web-site was looking different. so, now i cant log-in, I JUST COULD because i used the history of the browser. therefore, there are other lessons that i can not understand why they are there. totally confused, anyone could help me?

It will be reaally frustated. so much effort and time.

Doing a hard refresh once and logging in again doesn’t really seem like a lot of effort or time.

I cant log in, it is not allowing me to log-in, even with my github account. i could log-in before, but now it isnt appearing. i dont know why.

You go to log in. You give it your email address. You check your email. You use the code that was emailed to you. You should not have to log in again until you change computers or clear your browser history.

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Thank you so much. I have seen here, also, I think that the website has changed and/or added more lessons. that’s why I got confused. Thank you again.