Can't remember things I have learned!

Hey guys, I found that I have forgotten a lot of things that I have learned in HTML, CSS and even JavaScript that I am currently doing! What can I do?


find a good documentation website (Mozilla Developers Network Docs for example, or

and consult it as often as you need


Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

I know for me personally, when it comes to concepts specifically, I like to explain it to someone else. A friend, a parent, a colleague, anyone who is willing to listen :slight_smile:

Try to take something you’ve learned, and explain it in a way that someone without your experiences can understand. This falls under a broad set of terminology known as KTT or Knowledge Translation and Transfer.

As a nice bonus it prepares you for situations where strong collaboration is needed (like software design!)


i thought the best documentation website is W3 School but that website a lot better


Hi Vincent,

that’s a normal thing.

How much time do you invest into coding?

I spend 4-6 hours on average to learn coding everyday. Also, I found that I stuck at some point when doing personal project just because I have forgotten a lot of thing.

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Revise them, more on projects. Forgetting is normal. That is why we have documentations. Imagine if you can still remember how scary that dog was which seemed so big and was running behind you when you were just 5 years or so. Even if you remember the event, you don’t remember the feeling. Meant to say, you are supposed to forget unnecessary thing (garbage collection :wink:) . Something important to you, you will repeat so many times and so often that you can not forget enough of them. So… repeat after every now and then…