Can't stop donation

The most recent I’ve seen about this was a few months ago. I’ve emailed Mr. Larson twice and TCC once (it auto-filled someone’s name?) to stop this. My bank apparently wanted to charge me $20 to issue a stop payment or I’d have to cancel my current card and get a new one. My payments were originally set up via FCC, not using PayPal.

Big mistake.

So, I’m hoping once it’s stopped here I can use PayPal to manage this. Looks like others have had to try multiple times, so I’ll come back once I have success. It’s odd to me that FCC doesn’t have a portal in the Settings area to manage donations, but I also understand that would be a big project.

Stripe, the secure payment service that is used to handle credit card charges, requires the administrator to manually cancel recurring payments. Their API does not support any way for people to cancel their charges.

If you email, Quincy will handle it as soon as he sees it. If you emailed that account and never heard back, the response probably went to your spam folder. Quincy may have responded to let you know that it was cancelled, or he may have needed additional information from you which he never received.

Thanks for your fast response! Yesterday I chatted with my bank and determined it was most cost-effective and best practice to continue reaching out to FCC. Thanks for your attention to this matter; it’s greatly appreciated just like everything else FCC does. :smiley: