Stopping Auto Donation

I have sent an email to the team address three times, called and left messages twice. I haven’t received an acknowledgement that my auto pay is cancelled. I paid through my CC.

I just sent Quincy an email. Maybe I will hear from someone.

I wasn’t able to quickly find a way to do this either. (Sorry FCC for not donating!, but gotta save up for a number of stuff on my end!)

You should be able to cancel the auto-payment thru your credit card. I used paypal, so canceling was easy thru their UI. If you do find a way please share it, as I had a tough time finding any info on this.

Hi Brad,
I just received an email from Quincey. I sent him one of my donation receipts and he said he would stop it right away. He was quite polite and seems to be busy. See note below.

On Friday, March 22, 2019, 12:30:38 PM PDT, freeCodeCamp <> wrote:

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your patience.

Sure - if donated using PayPal, you can cancel the recurrence at your convenience right in PayPal by following this link:

If you donated using your credit card (not PayPal) please forward me one of the donation receipts so I can pull it up and cancel the recurrence for you real quick.

Thanks again for supporting our nonprofit, and please let me know if I can be of any further help.

Have a fun week, and happy coding.

  • Quincy

I think I just emailed him through the It took a few times.