I try to pause (stop for a while) my donations

Hello! :slightly_smiling_face:
I have read much about problem with HOW TO STOP donations… I have already been to my bank, I have written to team@freecodecamp.org , to tel:+14156636049, even to @QuincyLarson … NO RESULT … :frowning:
Maybe there are another ways to solve this problem?
i am very sorry to write this… but I have some troubles and I need to save even $10… Of course in a few months I want to continue my donations…

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Unfortunately it is a limitation of the Stripe API that only an administrator can cancel payments and they have to do it manually. Contacting team@freecodecamp.org is the correct way to do this. Quincy does take this seriously and handle requests as soon as he sees them. Unfortunately, he is the only person who can do so and Free Code Camp has millions of users, so sometimes it can take a while for him to see your email. I’m sorry that it’s making things stressful for you.


I called the hotline at the bank … I was told that if I block a bank card and get a new card, this will solve the problem. This is certainly wrong, but I will do so …

Just FYI, when you block a payment instead of just emailing us and asking us to discontinue it, this results in a $25 chargeback fee for freeCodeCamp. Not only does this wipe out your $5 donation, but it wipes out several other people’s donations as well.

Please don’t block the charge at the bank level - just email us and we can discontinue it. I usually respond within a few days, and even if your card is charged after you email us asking for cancellation, I can refund that charge in Stripe.

@QuincyLarson , thank you for your answer!
Please try to understand me through my poor English from Ukraine: :wink:

  2. I don’t want to make ANY CANCELATIONS AND REFUND
  3. all I wantED just was to BLOCK MY BANK CARD (“block” = like when my card was stolen or smth else just bloke irrespective of FCC) to not donate (to PAUSE) my $10 (I wrote to You via email that a make 2 donations every month on 7th day from 2 my emails: $5 and $5 = $10.

… I have not gone to the bank yet… @QuincyLarson , What I should do? :slight_smile:
Do I need to email you again? Do I need to give to you my number of bank card ? :slight_smile:
or you have already paused my donations and I should not to nothing? :slight_smile:
thank you! You are the best!
Sorry again about my “pausing donations”

Thanks for confirming. I replied to your email a week ago about this. Could you email me again at team@freecodecamp.org if I can do anything further to help with this?

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I wonder if FCC’s email replies sometimes get spam filtered…

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@QuincyLarson ! I beg pardon but only now I saw your email… Thank you! You are the best!

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So I am putting this here
if you remember , the email addres which you used to setup your account and donation :
1 . go to https://www.freecodecamp.org/
2 . sign in https://www.freecodecamp.org/signin
3 . go to update my account settings
4 . on that page search for https://www.freecodecamp.org/donation/settings (have to be logged in as above)
5 . search for show donations for email address .
6 . make inactive .
7 . repeat until happy

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