Can't test my project on codepen?

Hello everyone,

I just completed my first project on FCC and was looking to test my code before submitting and I can’t seem to find the dropdown list that is mentioned in the README section (ref: Screenshot by Lightshot) (I am on the building a tribute page project btw).

After rummaging the forums and internet I have seen that inserting the following code () should be the fix but after inserting this into the start/end and any other possible spot! I still do not get the dropdown list anywhere on my screen! If you could kindly assist me on this issue it would be greatly appreciated.


please give the link to your pen so we can check

if you ahve used the given template it may be that you have an extension that hides the thing, or that you have cookies disabled

Hi, here is the Codepen Link:

It was the cookie! thanks ever so much!

For future reference is the placement of the script correct?

yes, but in codepen you can also just do this way, which is the way the script is included in the template

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